Welcome to the American University Park neighborhood in Washington, D.C.

American University Park  is one of the many Washington, D.C. neighborhoods that are about as suburban as you can get and still reside within the City’s borders. It is highly residential (except for a short stretch of restaurants and shops situated along Wisconsin Avenue), predominantly populated by senior citizens and families. American University Park boasts some of the best private and public schools in the Washington, D.C. area.

Where to live in American University Park

There is only a handful of the college’s buildings that are situated in American University Park. This is the case despite the neighborhood being located close to the American University. Situated just west of Tenleytown, the American University Park neighborhood is bordered by Western Avenue to the northwest, Wisconsin Avenue to the northeast, Nebraska Avenue to the southeast, and Massachusetts to the southwest.

Although shopping areas lie to the southwest and northeast, the center of American University Park is completely free of commerce. It merely comprises streets of attractive homes and well-manicured lawns that are connected by back alleys. Over the past decade, the neighborhood’s housing values rose precipitously, indicating its serene environment and convenient location, coupled with numerous social amenities.

Safety Experience at American University Park

One characteristic that sets American University Park aside from nearby all the other neighborhoods such as Spring Valley is its parking lots’ comparatively small size. A few of them come with driveways.

As a result of this, the homes are relatively close to each other, providing a sense of safety and closeness. The neighborhood’s numerous young families will tell you that the community vibe is unmatchable in any D.C. neighborhood.



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