Welcome To The Logan Circle Neighborhood In Washington, DC.

The historic and beautiful Logan Circle is a refined and vibrant neighborhood in the heart of Washington, D.C. Locals of this upscale neighborhood are treated to a never-ending combination of beautiful architecture, quiet streets, and direct access to the city’s entertainment and amenities.

If you are a lover of little outdoor space, you will find the Logan Circle area perfectly suitable for you. This is especially the case if you do not need a house with a backyard. The charming and lively neighborhood has a small park that is ideal for outdoor activities and events such as picnics.

Logan Circle Area has an Array of Housing Styles and Options

From sprawling single-family homes to multi-family units and small townhouses, the Logan Circle area provides a wide range of housing options. Several of the larger homes found in this neighborhood have been in existence for quite some time. They are responsible for the neighborhood’s character and charm.

Several properties in this area have been transformed into multi-family units. The same case applies to single-family homes which are now distributed among several renters. This comes as an advantage to many homeowners. They are able to obtain rental income for the leased sections while residing in the same property as well.

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Strategically placed between the lively and trendy Shaw and Dupont Circle neighborhoods, Logan circle supersedes all in terms of diversity, transportation and other attractions. The neighborhood is situated less than a mile away from delightful amenities such as Italian eateries, quick-service salad spots, and Whole Foods mostly found on P Street.

This neighborhood is additionally, a great area for public transportation. The Washington, D.C. Metro Stations for Shaw, Mount Vernon Square, and Dupont Circle are just a few minutes-walk away. This is supplemented by the G2 bus that transports locals up and down P Street.

Logan Circle is recognized as the only 100% residential traffic circle in the entire D.C. area. The neighborhood also has a rich history. The most important historical event held here is the commemoration of General Logan, a Civil War hero which is held on Memorial Day to celebrate the luminary from whom the neighborhood obtained its name.

Logan Circle boasts of the most attractive public spaces courtesy of the recent renovations done by the National Parks Service.

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