Welcome To The Park View Neighborhood In Washington, DC.

Surrounded by Howard University, Petworth, and Columbia Heights, Park View tends to be lumped with one of these more renowned destinations. Its name is usually left out or confused about the dialogue altogether. The sense of identity that you obtain once you set foot in the Park View neighborhood is one of the reasons that motivate people to relocate into this area.

Park View has historically been a residential space for black families. Over the years, however, its population has diversified and soared. Just like the surrounding neighborhoods, Park View is transforming into its magnet for development, with newly built restaurants and bars popping up and more on the way.

Real estate in Park View is primarily composed of medium-sized to small apartment complexes and townhomes. The bulk of the residential real estate is occupied by renters and owners. Most of the locals in the Park View neighborhood are fairly historic, but not later than 1939. There are a lot of residences that were constructed between 1940 and 1969.

The vacancy rate in Park View is estimated at 13.5%. This is well above average when compared to other neighborhoods in the D.C. area which have a vacancy rate of over 70.1%. The low vacancy rate in Park View can be attributed to the recent developments that have been going on meaning that most of the residential areas have not been occupied yet.


Transportation in the Park View Estate

Park View boasts of easy access to public transportation with the neighborhood being close to. D.C. areas with Metro Stations. Transportation by train is particularly highly pronounced in the neighborhood with a significant portion of the residents preferring to ride the train.

Park View has a high preference for bike cycling with 4.0% of the locals who commute to and from work choosing to cycle. This is a higher percentage than what is typically recorded in most American neighborhoods.


Park View has the highest number of people with Jamaican ancestry living in it than all the other neighborhoods in America. The neighborhood is also special in terms of dialect. A significant section of its residents speaks African languages at home.

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