Welcome To The Petworth Neighborhood In Washington, DC.

Situated just five miles north of Capitol Hill, the Petworth neighborhood is one of the largest neighborhoods in the district. Petworth features recent transformations that have succeeded in making the neighborhood a favorite for real estate. It has an abundance of stunning homes, convenient transportation, and unique culture.

It is incredibly difficult to find a neighborhood that has a strong sense of community and sharing such as Petworth. Petworth has what is referred to as porch culture where the locals stroll down streets and shout random hello to their neighbors. It is a community where support and sharing are highly valued, whether it is attending the free annual Petworth Jazz Project or borrowing sugar from your next-door neighbor, or even participating in the Celebrate Petworth Festival. The Celebrate Petworth Festival is particularly reflective of the community culture in the neighborhood given that it is normally difficult to tell if the locals are family or simply neighbors.

Why Petworth Neighborhood Should be Your Next Residence

Petworth Community Market is a famed social hub not just in the Petworth neighborhood but also in the entire Washington, D.C. area. Every Saturday from May to November, locals unite to support local artisans and farmers while stocking up on weekly groceries. Live music is played while neighbors shop, eat, and visit.

Over a decade ago, mothers would rarely be seen pushing a stroller. Petworth has transformed greatly to the point that it is now being referred to as the stroller city of Washington. The number of young families and professionals relocating into Petworth has rapidly increased over the past few years.

An additional delightful characteristic of Petworth is what is labeled as “the block.” The block situated on Upshur Street between 9th Street NW and 8th Street SW is a thrilling section of the city that consists of vintage clothing boutiques and eccentric furniture shops supplemented with Japanese and Latin inspired restaurants.

The neighborhood features a wide variety of ethnic restaurants serving Indian, Italian, Korean, Scandinavian, Ethiopian, and French cuisines.

Petworth has a walk score of 91 out of 100 which means that its locals have little use for a car. When it comes to biking, the Petworth neighborhood scores a whopping 92 qualifying it as a “Bikers Paradise.”

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