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Similar to many other neighborhoods, the Southwest Waterfront in the Southwest Washington, D.C. area has rapidly transformed in the last few years. It was once a neglected corner of D.C.s smallest quadrants. Today, Southwest Waterfront neighborhood boasts of a host of recently constructed commercial and residential projects. Regardless of the transformations, the neighborhood still manages to maintain a laid-back vibe, as the presence of markets, cafes, yacht clubs, and parks demonstrates that this section of the nation’s capital still understands how to enjoy simpler things.

Real Estates in Southwest Waterfront

Some of Washington, D.C.’s most dynamic real estate markets can be found in the Southwest Waterfront neighborhood. Its wide range of options will suit any renter or home buyer. Starting in the 1950s, Southwest Waterfront was a section of an urban renewal project, where an array of large apartment buildings were constructed with most still standing today.

New mixed-use developments have additionally generated a number of glass-walled condo developments. These recently established developments articulate a higher price tag, but usually come equipped with a long list of amenities.

Similar to the rest of Washington, D.C., Southwest Waterfront has a lot of quaint, old row houses, located along leafy, wide streets. The bulk of these have been recently refurbished and some are divided into apartments or have been transformed into smaller condo developments.

What to Expect in Southwest Waterfront (The Wharf)

The Southwest Waterfront neighborhood was part of the original plan for the city of Washington, D.C. developed by Pierre L’Enfant. It features some of the oldest and historic buildings in the city, including the Wheat Row block of townhouses. These townhomes date back to 1793. They are supplemented by a 1791 U.S. military arsenal.

Southwest Waterfront is only one of two residential neighborhoods situated in the southwest section of Waterfront D.C. For several years, the Southwest Waterfront neighborhood felt neglected from the rest of the city, primarily because of the busy southwest freeway situated between it and the National Mall.

Southwest Waterfront is characterized by a large number of tourists visiting the monuments Pedestrian access, a Metro stop, and a rising number of bikes for hire. The rising number of new developments make living in Southwest Waterfront increasingly convenient and attractive.

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